Thursday, January 2, 2020

How to Improve Your Brand with IG TV

Timothy Craig Fant defines himself as entrepreneur who is adventurous in nature, embarking on his tour of world travels years ago and using it to his advantage. 

One way creatives, adventurers and travelers like Timothy Craig Fant can share, network, and influence their audience is by using social platforms like Instagram.

Instagram is an incredible platform to establish and improve your brand, define and connect with your audience, and find inspiration while networking with other creatives and travelers.

Among Instagram's many features that allows freelance photographers to explore and share their content and art is through Instagram TV.

IG TV - What is it anyway? 

Instagram TV is much like Youtube, allowing users to create full length vertical videos to share with followers. Unlike a video post, IG TV does not cut videos short due to post formatting, allowing your to upload any length video longer than a minute. You do not however have the ability to stream live, much like the "Facebook Live" feature.

Use IG TV in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create your channel directly through your IG account 
  2. Upload or record a video 
  3. Choose or upload a cover photo and add a video description 

How to Improve Your Brand with IG TV: 

Using IG TV is a new feature that can engage users in a way that was not accessible previously. Uploading engaging insight through your uploads will give you a better sense of personality to your page - it allows users to really meet the person behind the brand!

The possibilities of IG TV are endless. You could upload a video series with a theme, show your creative process, share your travels or even do Q and A's!

IG TV also have these 2 fantastic features to gain traffic to your website if you sell online:

  • Ability to cross-post to Facebook
  • Ability to add multiple clickable links and direct to outside pages