Monday, February 3, 2020

Beginner's Guide to Hiking: 4 Tips for an Awesome Hike

One of the best ways to travel on a budget is by foot! Spring is just around the corner, and with more sunshine and less snow in the forecast getting outdoors is an easy and healthy way to lift your spirits and your mood!

Hiking is a prime pastime for Timothy Craig Fant, who is an avid outdoorsman and explorer at heart. Here are 4 tips he recommends that will help any beginner get well on their way to enjoying the great outdoors one step at a time:

2.) Only bring the essentials

Packing light is always the way to go. Overpacking will end up weighing you down and adding unnecessary bulk to your travels. Keep things light - water bottle, sunscreen, cellphone, map, and a whistle. It's always a great idea to bring a few safety essentials with you in case of emergency!

2.) Choose the right trail

If you're new to hiking, try sticking with a trail you're somewhat familiar with. If you're a complete newbie, choose a more open area instead of dense woods. Always begin in the morning and choose a marked trail when possible.

3.) Dress in layers

One thing to know about hiking is the temperature can change drastically through any trail from beginning to end. Depending on time of day, location, shade and difficulty of the trail, your temperature will rise and fall throughout the day. Dressing in lightweight layers allows you to stay comfortable and enjoy the experience!

4.) Travel with a hiking buddy

Not only is traveling with a friend fun, but it's also much safer. If you're unfamiliar with the area and are new to hiking in general, try going with a friend to put your mind at ease. Two minds are always better than one, and making memories with a friend is always a great idea!

Interested in more travel tips? Checkout Timothy Craig Fant's projects on Contently!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

How to Improve Your Brand with IG TV

Timothy Craig Fant defines himself as entrepreneur who is adventurous in nature, embarking on his tour of world travels years ago and using it to his advantage. 

One way creatives, adventurers and travelers like Timothy Craig Fant can share, network, and influence their audience is by using social platforms like Instagram.

Instagram is an incredible platform to establish and improve your brand, define and connect with your audience, and find inspiration while networking with other creatives and travelers.

Among Instagram's many features that allows freelance photographers to explore and share their content and art is through Instagram TV.

IG TV - What is it anyway? 

Instagram TV is much like Youtube, allowing users to create full length vertical videos to share with followers. Unlike a video post, IG TV does not cut videos short due to post formatting, allowing your to upload any length video longer than a minute. You do not however have the ability to stream live, much like the "Facebook Live" feature.

Use IG TV in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create your channel directly through your IG account 
  2. Upload or record a video 
  3. Choose or upload a cover photo and add a video description 

How to Improve Your Brand with IG TV: 

Using IG TV is a new feature that can engage users in a way that was not accessible previously. Uploading engaging insight through your uploads will give you a better sense of personality to your page - it allows users to really meet the person behind the brand!

The possibilities of IG TV are endless. You could upload a video series with a theme, show your creative process, share your travels or even do Q and A's!

IG TV also have these 2 fantastic features to gain traffic to your website if you sell online:

  • Ability to cross-post to Facebook
  • Ability to add multiple clickable links and direct to outside pages

Monday, December 16, 2019

How to Document Travel with Instagram in 4 Easy Steps

For adventure seekers like Timothy Criag Fant, travel is not just a hobby, but a passion. So far his exploration has taken him across the globe to France, England and Northern Ireland, Germany,  Norway, Greece and Italy. His dream is to explore all of Europe, and he is steadfast on his way to reaching that world travel goal! 

Timothy Craig Fant

One way to remember a fantastic trip is by preserving the details through photography. With the use of smart phones, travel and adventure photography has never been easier! Why not share your travels with others who share a similar passion to yours - exploring the beauty and culture of the world. 

Timothy Craig FantInstagram is a visual media focused sharing platform originally intended to share photos instantly with the user community. Naturally, the platform has expanded its abilities towards businesses and entrepreneurs over the years with the use of hashtags, mentions and advertising based on niche community interests. 

Sharing your adventures with other travel seekers is a great way to serve greater purpose to your travels, allowing you to share images, video and text directed towards others who share your passions!

Here are 4 steps to getting your own travel Instagram up and running in no time! 

1.) Choose an original name that embodies your own zest for travel

Does your travel revolve around cities? Culture? Food? Fashion? Nature? Thrill seeking? Choose a name specific to what you're interested in - have fun with it!

2.) Post pictures that you enjoy.

Share images that stand out to you, and add a brief description of why that image is interesting. It's not only a great way to share your experience, but it's also a fun way to look back on your travels down the line. Think if it as a travel diary and be true to your own originality! 

3.) Add hashtags.

Hashtags are an easy way to help others find your content based on interest. For example, if your travels are based on camping and hiking, you might add #camping #hiking #getoutdoors #nature #cabinlife and things of that sort to the text section of your post. Others who search those specific interests, will be filtered to your content because you associated those interests with your post. 

4.) Follow similar accounts.

This is how you really start to build your own community online. Follow accounts that you want to connect with. These could be accounts who inspire you, people you think might be interested in your content, organizations/community pages who share content similar to yours that might repost your content to their own audience, or accounts you might even want to work with for profit and affiliation! 

Monday, December 9, 2019

5 Ways to Prepare for a Solo Travel Trip

Whether it's you first time traveling alone or your 50th, thoughtfully preparing for your trip can make all the difference between easy and effective vs. chaotic and stressful planning.

For avid adventurers like Timothy Craig Fant, solo travel is something travelers my attempt if they're looking for a whole new view on exploration. At first, the thought of traveling alone may be a daunting task, but with a few simple steps anyone can start off on the right foot! 

Get your finances straight 

Timothy Craig Fant
Preparing financially is one of the most important aspects when traveling alone. Though some may say money cannot buy you the most important things in life, it can offer you security and safety, especially when it comes to solo travel! If you're in a pinch, you're going to want some backup funds just in case.

Always make sure to call credit card companies to alert them of your travel. You don't want your credit or debit card declined do to suspect of fraud when you're out there exploring the world! If you're going to be carrying cash, make sure to allot yourself a secure fund and don;t travel with too much cash on you at any 1 given time. 

Get the right gear 

If you're going to solo travel, consider investing in some gear that will aid your travels. A lightweight backpack with great storage, a backup battery pack for your phone, some comfortable shoes, etc. Spending a little more might help you in the long run and make your trip more enjoyable and worth the small expense of investment. 

Stay organized 

While leading up to your trip, give yourself a guideline of your travels and what you need to get done leading up to your day of departure. To-do lists will be your best friend! Staying organized will also lessen stress and anxiety before you leave for your trip. The buildup and preparation is always the hardest part of nay solo trip. Stay organized, you'll thank yourself later! 

Load up the playlist 

Timothy Craig Fant
Music and podcasts can be great tool to help you in those awkward in-between times that you might feel a little bored by yourself during your solo travel trip. It's normal to feel a little lonely at least once on your trip, and music will help but you get back in the right state of mind and lift your spirits. 

Tip - Make sure to "download" your playlists directly to your phone - you might not have enough data or service to stream offline during your travels otherwise. More listening, less stress!

Tell a friend 

Always tell close friends and family about your solo travel trip. Give them a brief outline of your trip prepare to departure and give updates at new destination, for safety reasons. Safety is always your main priority when traveling alone. Letting others know about your travels is an easy was to give you peace of mind, and let your loved ones know you're safe and sound. Plus, it's a fun way to share your travels! 

Monday, December 2, 2019

Treehouse Living: Airbnb Destinations

Timothy Craig Fant is no stranger to the adventures of the outdoors!

Aside from his professional career in leadership development, supply chain management and logistics, Timothy Craig Fant enjoys spending his spare time outside enjoying nature and the world around him.

An outdoorsman at heart, Timothy Craig Fant enjoys hiking and backpacking, especially during his travels throughout Europe! So far he has trekked through France, the UK, German, Norway, Greece and Italy. His favorite part of traveling is exploring his surrounding landscapes and varying terrain of which edge of the world he finds himself exploring. With his hopes and dreams set on exploring the globe, Timothy Craig Fant enjoys fueling his trips with true adventure.

Airbnb has thousands of destination spots across the globe to explore! From the mountains of Alaska, to the treetops of Tennessee, Airbnb hosts incredible cabins fit for the adventurous outdoorsman like Timothy Craig Fant. 

This Yurt Cottage in Talkeetna, Alaska is tough enough to keep you warm int the dead of an Alaskan winter, while still being cozy enough to enjoy dinner around a fire. This rural adventure spot allows any adventurer to get closer to nature than ever before! You've got to be brave for this one!

Looking for a warmer climate? Bloomington Springs, Tennessee also offers an adventures travel destination tucked deep within the treetops. Although rural, this treehouse offers luxury accommodations like a jacuzzi tub, queen sized beds and eclectic decor.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Christmas in Europe with Viking River Cruises

Timothy Craig Fant is no beginner when it comes to world travel!

This established entrepreneur and business professional has a dream of traveling across Europe in its entirety someday, and he is well on his way to fulfilling that dream already. Timothy Craig Fant has already checked off France, the UK, Germany, Norway, Greece and Italy from his list of travel destinations.

During his travels, Timothy Craig Fant enjoys immersing himself in regional cultures. His travels have opened the doors to many different types of cultural differences in which he believes allow him to gain a wider view of the world.

Timothy Craig Fant uses his personal travel pursuits to gain knowledge and perspective on people's diverse views of the world, all the while enjoying the beauty and traditions of the world and its people.

Depending on what time of year you travel, there is usually a reason to celebrate while you're in Europe.

Timothy-Craig-Fant-Blog-German-Market December is an exceedingly popular time for world travelers like Timothy Craig Fant to travel to Europe and enjoy traditional festivities honoring the celebration of the Holidays.

Viking River Cruises is a travel company that specializes in destination focused and culturally enriching travels by boarding ship and traveling down stream while harboring along the way to allow for onshore experiences. 

During November and December Viking River Cruises offers several different seasonal destination packages.

Each package allows you to enjoy the Holidays aboard a festively decorated cruise liner, while stooping along the Rhine River to indulge in Christmas markets and festivities along your river ride through Europe. 

Christmas Markets with Viking River Cruises: 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

5 Must-Have Items for Backpacking Europe

Timothy Craig Fant is an adventure enthusiast and outdoorsman at heart! With his hopes set on traveling all the way through Europe, he's already well on his way to doing so! He has already traveled to France, the UK, Germany, Norway, Greece and Italy. With his mission on full pursuit to travel the world, Timothy Craig Fant has extensive experience trekking through new cities and terrain from coast-to-coast.

Timothy Craig Travel Blog Backpacking Europe

Interested in traveling your way through Europe like Timothy Craig Fant? Here are 5 must-haves while backpacking Europe tested and approved by Timothy Craig Fant himself! 

A Great Backpack

One of Timothy Craig Fant's favorite brands for great backpacking gear is Nordace. Their backpacks and bags are all designed specifically for traveling! Tons of compartments, sleek designs, lightweight and comfortable without feeling bulky or too confined.

 Timothy Craig Travel Blog Backpacking Europe

Reusable Water Bottle 

Staying hydrated while traveling is extremely important! Plus when adventuring to new places all day you never know when's the next time you'll have accessible drinking water. Timothy Craig Fant recommends an insulated and lightweight bottle that's a decent size but not too heavy or bulky to carry around all day. 

Comfortable Shoes 

A bit obvious but imperative. Comfortable shoes make a huge difference in back and foot comfort - something you're going to want when traveling, especially when backpacking! Find a pair that are preferably lightweight with arch support, and are waterproof/breathable. You never know where you'll end up! 


Something that's rarely recommended when traveling these days, but don't rely on your phone! Europe is filled with winding alleys and streets, sometimes using a paper map is actually easier to get a full visual of the area believe it or not. You'll be able to more fully experience your new adventure! Keep your phone to take pictures and use in case of emergency, but you'll get more from your experience if you don't rely on it heavily. Plus pickpockets aren't always obvious, but they're definitely there in European cities. Keeping your valuables tightly put away in a safe place is your best bet. 

Healthy Snacks 

Indulging in the local fare is one of the best parts of traveling, but try to balance it with healthy fuel too. No one wants an upset stomach in a foreign country. Keep your body happy with fruit and healthy snacks!