Tuesday, November 19, 2019

5 Must-Have Items for Backpacking Europe

Timothy Craig Fant is an adventure enthusiast and outdoorsman at heart! With his hopes set on traveling all the way through Europe, he's already well on his way to doing so! He has already traveled to France, the UK, Germany, Norway, Greece and Italy. With his mission on full pursuit to travel the world, Timothy Craig Fant has extensive experience trekking through new cities and terrain from coast-to-coast.

Timothy Craig Travel Blog Backpacking Europe

Interested in traveling your way through Europe like Timothy Craig Fant? Here are 5 must-haves while backpacking Europe tested and approved by Timothy Craig Fant himself! 

A Great Backpack

One of Timothy Craig Fant's favorite brands for great backpacking gear is Nordace. Their backpacks and bags are all designed specifically for traveling! Tons of compartments, sleek designs, lightweight and comfortable without feeling bulky or too confined.

 Timothy Craig Travel Blog Backpacking Europe

Reusable Water Bottle 

Staying hydrated while traveling is extremely important! Plus when adventuring to new places all day you never know when's the next time you'll have accessible drinking water. Timothy Craig Fant recommends an insulated and lightweight bottle that's a decent size but not too heavy or bulky to carry around all day. 

Comfortable Shoes 

A bit obvious but imperative. Comfortable shoes make a huge difference in back and foot comfort - something you're going to want when traveling, especially when backpacking! Find a pair that are preferably lightweight with arch support, and are waterproof/breathable. You never know where you'll end up! 


Something that's rarely recommended when traveling these days, but don't rely on your phone! Europe is filled with winding alleys and streets, sometimes using a paper map is actually easier to get a full visual of the area believe it or not. You'll be able to more fully experience your new adventure! Keep your phone to take pictures and use in case of emergency, but you'll get more from your experience if you don't rely on it heavily. Plus pickpockets aren't always obvious, but they're definitely there in European cities. Keeping your valuables tightly put away in a safe place is your best bet. 

Healthy Snacks 

Indulging in the local fare is one of the best parts of traveling, but try to balance it with healthy fuel too. No one wants an upset stomach in a foreign country. Keep your body happy with fruit and healthy snacks! 

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