Monday, November 25, 2019

Christmas in Europe with Viking River Cruises

Timothy Craig Fant is no beginner when it comes to world travel!

This established entrepreneur and business professional has a dream of traveling across Europe in its entirety someday, and he is well on his way to fulfilling that dream already. Timothy Craig Fant has already checked off France, the UK, Germany, Norway, Greece and Italy from his list of travel destinations.

During his travels, Timothy Craig Fant enjoys immersing himself in regional cultures. His travels have opened the doors to many different types of cultural differences in which he believes allow him to gain a wider view of the world.

Timothy Craig Fant uses his personal travel pursuits to gain knowledge and perspective on people's diverse views of the world, all the while enjoying the beauty and traditions of the world and its people.

Depending on what time of year you travel, there is usually a reason to celebrate while you're in Europe.

Timothy-Craig-Fant-Blog-German-Market December is an exceedingly popular time for world travelers like Timothy Craig Fant to travel to Europe and enjoy traditional festivities honoring the celebration of the Holidays.

Viking River Cruises is a travel company that specializes in destination focused and culturally enriching travels by boarding ship and traveling down stream while harboring along the way to allow for onshore experiences. 

During November and December Viking River Cruises offers several different seasonal destination packages.

Each package allows you to enjoy the Holidays aboard a festively decorated cruise liner, while stooping along the Rhine River to indulge in Christmas markets and festivities along your river ride through Europe. 

Christmas Markets with Viking River Cruises: 

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