Monday, December 9, 2019

5 Ways to Prepare for a Solo Travel Trip

Whether it's you first time traveling alone or your 50th, thoughtfully preparing for your trip can make all the difference between easy and effective vs. chaotic and stressful planning.

For avid adventurers like Timothy Craig Fant, solo travel is something travelers my attempt if they're looking for a whole new view on exploration. At first, the thought of traveling alone may be a daunting task, but with a few simple steps anyone can start off on the right foot! 

Get your finances straight 

Timothy Craig Fant
Preparing financially is one of the most important aspects when traveling alone. Though some may say money cannot buy you the most important things in life, it can offer you security and safety, especially when it comes to solo travel! If you're in a pinch, you're going to want some backup funds just in case.

Always make sure to call credit card companies to alert them of your travel. You don't want your credit or debit card declined do to suspect of fraud when you're out there exploring the world! If you're going to be carrying cash, make sure to allot yourself a secure fund and don;t travel with too much cash on you at any 1 given time. 

Get the right gear 

If you're going to solo travel, consider investing in some gear that will aid your travels. A lightweight backpack with great storage, a backup battery pack for your phone, some comfortable shoes, etc. Spending a little more might help you in the long run and make your trip more enjoyable and worth the small expense of investment. 

Stay organized 

While leading up to your trip, give yourself a guideline of your travels and what you need to get done leading up to your day of departure. To-do lists will be your best friend! Staying organized will also lessen stress and anxiety before you leave for your trip. The buildup and preparation is always the hardest part of nay solo trip. Stay organized, you'll thank yourself later! 

Load up the playlist 

Timothy Craig Fant
Music and podcasts can be great tool to help you in those awkward in-between times that you might feel a little bored by yourself during your solo travel trip. It's normal to feel a little lonely at least once on your trip, and music will help but you get back in the right state of mind and lift your spirits. 

Tip - Make sure to "download" your playlists directly to your phone - you might not have enough data or service to stream offline during your travels otherwise. More listening, less stress!

Tell a friend 

Always tell close friends and family about your solo travel trip. Give them a brief outline of your trip prepare to departure and give updates at new destination, for safety reasons. Safety is always your main priority when traveling alone. Letting others know about your travels is an easy was to give you peace of mind, and let your loved ones know you're safe and sound. Plus, it's a fun way to share your travels! 

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