Monday, December 2, 2019

Treehouse Living: Airbnb Destinations

Timothy Craig Fant is no stranger to the adventures of the outdoors!

Aside from his professional career in leadership development, supply chain management and logistics, Timothy Craig Fant enjoys spending his spare time outside enjoying nature and the world around him.

An outdoorsman at heart, Timothy Craig Fant enjoys hiking and backpacking, especially during his travels throughout Europe! So far he has trekked through France, the UK, German, Norway, Greece and Italy. His favorite part of traveling is exploring his surrounding landscapes and varying terrain of which edge of the world he finds himself exploring. With his hopes and dreams set on exploring the globe, Timothy Craig Fant enjoys fueling his trips with true adventure.

Airbnb has thousands of destination spots across the globe to explore! From the mountains of Alaska, to the treetops of Tennessee, Airbnb hosts incredible cabins fit for the adventurous outdoorsman like Timothy Craig Fant. 

This Yurt Cottage in Talkeetna, Alaska is tough enough to keep you warm int the dead of an Alaskan winter, while still being cozy enough to enjoy dinner around a fire. This rural adventure spot allows any adventurer to get closer to nature than ever before! You've got to be brave for this one!

Looking for a warmer climate? Bloomington Springs, Tennessee also offers an adventures travel destination tucked deep within the treetops. Although rural, this treehouse offers luxury accommodations like a jacuzzi tub, queen sized beds and eclectic decor.

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